19 It is a trespass offering: he hath certainly trespassed against the Lord.

Other Translations of Leviticus 5:19

New International Version

19 It is a guilt offering; they have been guilty ofOr "offering; atonement has been made for their" wrongdoing against the Lord."

English Standard Version

19 It is a guilt offering; he has indeed incurred guilt beforeOr he has paid full compensation to the Lord."

The Message

19 It is a Compensation-Offering; he was surely guilty before God."

New King James Version

19 It is a trespass offering; he has certainly trespassed against the Lord."

New Living Translation

19 This is a guilt offering, for you have been guilty of an offense against the Lord ."

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Leviticus 5:19

Commentary on Leviticus 5:14-19

(Read Leviticus 5:14-19)

Here are offerings to atone for trespasses against a neighbour. If a man put to his own use unwittingly, any thing dedicated to God, he was to bring this sacrifice. We are to be jealous over ourselves, to ask pardon for the sin, and make satisfaction for the wrong, which we do but suspect ourselves guilty of. The law of God is so very broad, the occasions of sin in this guilty of. The law of God is so very broad, the occasions of sin in this world are so numerous, and we are so prone to evil, that we need to fear always, and to pray always, that we may be kept from sin. Also we should look before us at every step. The true Christian daily pleads guilty before God, and seeks forgiveness through the blood of Christ. And the gospel salvation is so free, that the poorest is not shut out; and so full, that the most burdened conscience may find relief from it. Yet the evil of sin is so displayed as to cause every pardoned sinner to abhor and dread it.