5 If thou canst answer me, set thy words in order before me, stand up.

Other Translations of Job 33:5

New International Version

5 Answer me then, if you can; stand up and argue your case before me.

English Standard Version

5 Answer me, if you can; set your words in order before me; take your stand.

The Message

5 "And if you think you can prove me wrong, do it. Lay out your arguments. Stand up for yourself!

New King James Version

5 If you can answer me, Set your words in order before me; Take your stand.

New Living Translation

5 Answer me, if you can; make your case and take your stand.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 33:5

Commentary on Job 33:1-7

(Read Job 33:1-7)

Job had desired a judge to decide his appeal. Elihu was one according to his wish, a man like himself. If we would rightly convince men, it must be by reason, not by terror; by fair argument, not by a heavy hand.