12 Upon my right hand rise the youth; they push away my feet, and they raise up against me the ways of their destruction.

Other Translations of Job 30:12

New International Version

12 On my right the tribeThe meaning of the Hebrew for this word is uncertain. attacks; they lay snares for my feet, they build their siege ramps against me.

English Standard Version

12 On my right hand the rabble rise; they push away my feet; they cast up against me their ways of destruction.

The Message

12 They come at me from my blind side, trip me up, then jump on me while I'm down.

New King James Version

12 At my right hand the rabble arises; They push away my feet, And they raise against me their ways of destruction.

New Living Translation

12 These outcasts oppose me to my face. They send me sprawling and lay traps in my path.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 30:12

Commentary on Job 30:1-14

(Read Job 30:1-14)

Job contrasts his present condition with his former honour and authority. What little cause have men to be ambitious or proud of that which may be so easily lost, and what little confidence is to be put in it! We should not be cast down if we are despised, reviled, and hated by wicked men. We should look to Jesus, who endured the contradiction of sinners.