2 And the revolters are profound to make slaughter, though I have been a rebuker of them all.

Other Translations of Hosea 5:2

New International Version

2 The rebels are knee-deep in slaughter. I will discipline all of them.

English Standard Version

2 And the revolters have gone deep into slaughter, but I will discipline all of them.

The Message

2 Victimized them at Shittim. I'm going to punish the lot of you.

New King James Version

2 The revolters are deeply involved in slaughter, Though I rebuke them all.

New Living Translation

2 You have dug a deep pit to trap them at Acacia Grove. But I will settle with you for what you have done.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Hosea 5:2

Commentary on Hosea 5:1-7

(Read Hosea 5:1-7)

The piercing eye of God saw secret liking and disposition to sin, the love the house of Israel had to their sins, and the dominion their sins had over them. Pride makes men obstinate in other sins. And as Judah was treading in the same steps, they would fall with Israel. By dealing treacherously with the Lord, men only deceive themselves. Those that go to seek the Lord with their flocks and their herds only, and not with their hearts and souls, cannot expect to find him; nor shall any speed who do not seek the Lord while he may be found. See how much it is our concern to seek God early, now, while it is the accepted time, and the day of salvation.