24 The sons of Rachel; Joseph, and Benjamin:

Other Translations of Genesis 35:24

New International Version

24 The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin.

English Standard Version

24 The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin.

The Message

24 The sons by Rachel: Joseph Benjamin.

New King James Version

24 the sons of Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin;

New Living Translation

24 The sons of Rachel were Joseph and Benjamin.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Genesis 35:24

Commentary on Genesis 35:21-29

(Read Genesis 35:21-29)

What a sore affliction Reuben's sin was, is shown, " and Israel heard it." No more is said, but that is enough. Reuben thought that his father would never hear of it; but those that promise themselves secrecy in sin, are generally disappointed. The age and death of Isaac are recorded, though he died not till after Joseph was sold into Egypt. Isaac lived about forty years after he had made his will, Genesis 27:2. We shall not die an hour the sooner, but much the better, for timely setting our hearts and houses in order. Particular notice is taken of the agreement of Esau and Jacob at their father's funeral, to show how God had wonderfully changed Esau's mind. It is awful to behold relations, sometimes for a little of this world's goods, disputing over the graves of their friends, while they are near going to the grave themselves.