12 Then all the congregation answered and said with a loud voice, As thou hast said, so must we do.

Other Translations of Ezra 10:12

New International Version

12 The whole assembly responded with a loud voice: "You are right! We must do as you say.

English Standard Version

12 Then all the assembly answered with a loud voice, "It is so; we must do as you have said.

The Message

12 The whole congregation responded with a shout, "Yes, we'll do it - just the way you said it!"

New King James Version

12 Then all the assembly answered and said with a loud voice, "Yes! As you have said, so we must do.

New Living Translation

12 Then the whole assembly raised their voices and answered, "Yes, you are right; we must do as you say!"

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Ezra 10:12

Commentary on Ezra 10:6-14

(Read Ezra 10:6-14)

There is hope concerning people, when they are convinced, not only that it is good to part with their sins, but that it is necessary; we must do it, or we are undone. So rich is the mercy, and so plenteous the redemption of God, that there is hope for the vilest who hear the gospel, and are willing to accept of free salvation. When sinners mourn for their sins, and tremble at the word of God, there is hope that they will forsake them. To affect others with godly sorrow or love to God, we must ourselves be affected. It was carefully agreed how this affair should be carried on. That which is hastily resolved on seldom proves lasting.