19 And they that serve the city shall serve it out of all the tribes of Israel.

Other Translations of Ezekiel 48:19

New International Version

19 The workers from the city who farm it will come from all the tribes of Israel.

English Standard Version

19 And the workers of the city, from all the tribes of Israel, shall till it.

The Message

19 Workers from all the tribes of Israel will serve as field hands to farm the land.

New King James Version

19 The workers of the city, from all the tribes of Israel, shall cultivate it.

New Living Translation

19 Those who come from the various tribes to work in the city may farm it.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Ezekiel 48:19

Chapter Summary

Here is a description of the several portions of the land belonging to each tribe. In gospel times, behold all things are become new. Much is wrapped up in emblems and numbers. This method God has used to state mysterious truths in his word, not to be more clearly revealed till the proper time and season. But into the church of Christ, both in its state of warfare and triumph, there is free access by faith, from every side. Christ has opened the kingdom of heaven for all believers. Whoever will, may come, and take of the water of life, of the tree of life, freely. The Lord is there, in his church, to be nigh unto them in all they call upon him for. This is true of every real Christian; whatever soul has in it a living principle of grace, it may truly be said, The Lord is there. May we be found citizens of this holy city, and act agreeably to that character; and have the benefit of the Lord's presence with us, in life, in death, and for evermore.