7 And these things give in charge, that they may be blameless.

Other Translations of 1 Timothy 5:7

New International Version

7 Give the people these instructions, so that no one may be open to blame.

English Standard Version

7 Command these things as well, so that they may be without reproach.

The Message

7 Tell these things to the people so that they will do the right thing in their extended family.

New King James Version

7 And these things command, that they may be blameless.

New Living Translation

7 Give these instructions to the church so that no one will be open to criticism.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Timothy 5:7

Commentary on 1 Timothy 5:3-8

(Read 1 Timothy 5:3-8)

Honour widows that are widows indeed, relieve them, and maintain them. It is the duty of children, if their parents are in need, and they are able to relieve them, to do it to the utmost of their power. Widowhood is a desolate state; but let widows trust in the Lord, and continue in prayer. All who live in pleasure, are dead while they live, spiritually dead, dead in trespasses and sins. Alas, what numbers there are of this description among nominal Christians, even to the latest period of life! If any men or women do not maintain their poor relations, they in effect deny the faith. If they spend upon their lusts and pleasures, what should maintain their families, they have denied the faith, and are worse than infidels. If professors of the gospel give way to any corrupt principle or conduct, they are worse than those who do not profess to believe the doctrines of grace.