Bible Passage Search

Bible Passage Search vs. Bible Word Search

When searching the Bible on, you may enter either a Bible Passage reference, such as Psalm 23, or a Bible Word Search, such as love one another. This page discusses performing a Bible Passage Search. If you wish to learn about a Bible Word Search, please see the help section about the Basics of a Bible Word Search.

Entering the Bible Reference

To view a passage of the Bible, simply enter its reference. A valid Bible reference must consist of a book name. A chapter number and specific verse numbers are optional. If no chapter number is entered, then the first chapter of the specified book will be shown. For example, Deuteronomy will display Deuteronomy chapter 1. If no verses are specified, then the entire chapter will be shown. You may model your references off of the following:

Compare Passage

When you are viewing a passage, you may use the Compare Passage feature at the top of the page to compare the current passage in multiple translations. Just select the second translation and click Compare.

Passage Headings

Some translations, such as the King James Version, contain large, black, bold headings throughout the Bible. These headings, added as an aid to the reader, are not to be considered as part of the text of the Bible, are not for oral reading, and are not intended to dictate the interpretation of the sections they head.


Several translations include footnotes. Footnotes beginning with “Or” generally introduce alternate translations. Footnotes are always located at the bottom of the page.

Red Letter

Some translations place the words of Christ in red letters. This feature can be toggelled on and off by setting your Bible Search Preferences.