Advanced Bible Passage Search Features

Keyboard Shortcut

Whenever you are on a page that has a Bible Search box, press Alt + S (Windows) or Ctrl + S (Mac) to immediately jump to the Bible Search.


The Advanced Bible Passage Search offers the ability to view the same passage in multiple translations at the same time — often called a parallel Bible. To view multiple translations, check the box to the left of each translation you wish to view.

Verse Format

This selects how each passage of the Bible is formated. Paragraphs will show the verses grouped together with logical paragraph breaks. One Verse Per Line will show each verse on it’s own line; in essence, each verse becomes it’s own paragraph.

Multi-Translation Layout

This selects the layout of the page when reading multiple translations of the same passage. Parallel places two translations of the same passage side by side making comparing each translation easy; each translation, therefore, takes up half the width of the screen. Sequential places each translation beneath the previous one with each translation the full width of the screen. (As the name implies, Multi-Translation Layout is only applicable when comparing multiple translations.)