What is Christ Notes?

Who We Are

Christ Notes is an online Bible resource designed to enhance and promote your study of God’s Word.

Services We Offer

Our Bible Search provides you with unparalleled power to find exactly the verses you’re looking for, and our Bible Commentaries give you greater insight into God’s Word. Furthermore, we freely offer you a Daily Bible Verse delivered to your email address every morning so that you can meditate on God’s Word as part of your regular routine; plus, our Weekly Wisdom provide a different — more positive — perspective on living a God-centered life. Moreover, you can place our Christian Wallpaper on your desktop so that you’re surrounded with Scripture even while at your computer.


Christ Notes is independent, non-denominational, and not affiliated with or sponsored by any specific church or ministry.

Who We Minister To

Because of the nature of the Internet, Christ Notes has the privilege of ministering to people all over the world. In fact, over 25% of our visitors come from outside the United States. Understandably, we minister to Christians of every background and denomination and even non-Christians, who are curious about God. This puts us in a unique position to touch the hearts of all kinds of people, ministering the Living Word to a hurting world.

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