25 Now therefore, please pardon my sin and return with me that I may worship the Lord."

Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Samuel 15:25

Commentary on 1 Samuel 15:24-31

(Read 1 Samuel 15:24-31)

There were several signs of hypocrisy in Saul's repentance. 1. He besought Samuel only, and seemed most anxious to stand right in his opinion, and to gain his favour. 2. He excuses his fault, even when confessing it; that is never the way of a true penitent. 3. All his care was to save his credit, and preserve his interest in the people. Men are fickle and alter their minds, feeble and cannot effect their purposes; something happens they could not foresee, by which their measures are broken; but with God it is not so. The Strength of Israel will not lie.