How Do We Know That the Old Testament Is Really All About Jesus?

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How Do We Know That the Old Testament Is Really All About Jesus?

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“Seemingly, this is Resurrection Sunday, okay? So Jesus had been raised the grave for a few hours, maybe 10 hours, I'm not sure exactly how long. Seemingly though, this encounter with these two disciples shouldn't even make it in the annals of history. I mean, why would it make it in the Bible? He just comes along on his path and he's walking down the road with these two guys. I mean, what's the big deal? It seemed like much bigger deal that he show himself to all the apostles or something. But the Bible says that they did not recognize him because God veiled their eyes. But what is recorded in Luke Chapter 24 is of paramount importance, I believe for us as believers today, is the Bible says that Jesus walking alongside these two apostles, or disciples, on the road to Emmaus. He takes the Old Testament and he begins to show how that all the Old Testament is about Him.

It's not that the Old Testament does its thing and then all of a sudden we get up to nowadays and now Jesus comes and now let's start a New Testament. But Jesus makes it very plain, everything, all of history is about Him. And He would say that later to the disciples as he shows himself to them as well. But it kind of interesting as Jesus meets with these two disciples, they're going to come in and maybe camp out for the night. They still don't recognize who Jesus is and then Jesus offers them bread and wine. At that point, when he offers those sacraments, their eyes are open, they finally figure out... I mean, wow! ‘We have just walked with the Christ. He is raised from the grave and here He is. His body and His blood given to us.’

Originally published May 14, 2013.