Psalm 128-130 Young’s Literal Translation

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The Blessedness of Him Who Fears the LORD

128 1  A Song of the Ascents. O the happiness of every one fearing Jehovah, Who is walking in His ways. 2  The labour of thy hands thou surely eatest, Happy 'art' thou, and good 'is' to thee. 3  Thy wife 'is' as a fruitful vine in the sides of thy house, Thy sons as olive plants around thy table. 4  Lo, surely thus is the man blessed who is fearing Jehovah. 5  Jehovah doth bless thee out of Zion, Look, then, on the good of Jerusalem, All the days of thy life, 6  And see the sons of thy sons! Peace on Israel!

A Prayer for the Overthrow of Zion's Enemies

129 1  A Song of the Ascents. Often they distressed me from my youth, Pray, let Israel say: 2  Often they distressed me from my youth, Yet they have not prevailed over me. 3  Over my back have ploughers ploughed, They have made long their furrows. 4  Jehovah 'is' righteous, He hath cut asunder cords of the wicked.

5  Confounded and turn backward do all hating Zion. 6  They are as grass of the roofs, That before it was drawn out withereth, 7  That hath not filled the hand of a reaper, And the bosom of a binder of sheaves. 8  And the passers by have not said, 'The blessing of Jehovah 'is' on you, We blessed you in the Name of Jehovah!'

Hope in the LORD's Redemption

130 1  A Song of the Ascents. From depths I have called Thee, Jehovah. 2  Lord, hearken to my voice, Thine ears are attentive to the voice of my supplications. 3  If iniquities Thou dost observe, O Lord, who doth stand? 4  But with Thee 'is' forgiveness, that Thou mayest be feared.

5  I hoped 'for' Jehovah—hoped hath my soul, And for His word I have waited. 6  My soul 'is' for the Lord, More than those watching for morning, Watching for morning! 7  Israel doth wait on Jehovah, For with Jehovah 'is' kindness, And abundant with Him 'is' redemption. 8  And He doth redeem Israel from all his iniquities!

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