Mark 3:20-35 Bible in Basic English

A Divided House Cannot Stand

20  And he went into a house. And the people came together again, so that they were not even able to take bread. 21  And when his friends had news of it, they went out to get him, saying, He is off his head.

22  And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem, said, He has Beelzebub, and, By the ruler of evil spirits he sends evil spirits out of men. 23  And turning to them, he said to them in the form of a story, How is it possible for Satan to put out Satan? 24  If there is division in a kingdom, that kingdom will come to destruction; 25  And if there is division in a house, that house will come to destruction; 26  And if Satan is at war with himself, and there is division in him, he will not keep his place but will come to an end. 27  But no one is able to go into the house of the strong man and take his goods, without first putting cords round the strong man, and then he will take his goods. 28  Truly, I say to you, The sons of men will have forgiveness for all their sins and for all the evil words they say: 29  But whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit will never have forgiveness, but the evil he has done will be with him for ever: 30  Because they said, He has an unclean spirit.

Jesus' Mother and Brethren

31  And his mother and brothers came and were outside, and sent for him, requesting to see him. 32  And a great number were seated round him; and they said to him, See, your mother and your brothers are outside looking for you. 33  And he said in answer, Who are my mother and my brothers? 34  And looking round at those who were seated about him, he said, See, my mother and my brothers! 35  Whoever does God's pleasure, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

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