Matthew 22:23-46 Bible in Basic English

The Question about the Resurrection

23  On the same day there came to him the Sadducees, who say that there is no coming back from the dead: and they put a question to him, saying, 24  Master, Moses said, If a man, at the time of his death, has no children, let his brother take his wife, and get a family for his brother; 25  Now there were among us seven brothers; and the first was married and at his death, having no seed, gave his wife to his brother; 26  In the same way the second and the third, up to the seventh. 27  And last of all the woman came to her end. 28  When they come back from the dead, then, whose wife will she be of the seven? because they all had her. 29  But Jesus said to them in answer, You are in error, not having knowledge of the Writings, or of the power of God. 30  For when they come back from the dead there are no husbands and wives, but they are as the angels in heaven. 31  But about the dead coming back to life, have you no knowledge of what was said to you by God in the Writings: 32  I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead but of the living. 33  And the people hearing it were surprised at his teaching.

The Great Commandment

34  But the Pharisees, hearing how the mouths of the Sadducees had been stopped, came together; 35  And one of them, a teacher of the law, put a question to him, testing him, and saying, 36  Master, which is the chief rule in the law? 37  And he said to him, Have love for the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38  This is the first and greatest rule. 39  And a second like it is this, Have love for your neighbour as for yourself. 40  On these two rules all the law and the prophets are based.

The Question about David's Son

41  Now while the Pharisees were together, Jesus put a question to them, saying, 42  What is your opinion of the Christ? whose son is he? They say to him, The Son of David. 43  He says to them, How then does David in the Spirit give him the name of Lord, saying, 44  The Lord said to my Lord, Be seated at my right hand, till I put under your feet all those who are against you? 45  If David then gives him the name of Lord, how is he his son? 46  And no one was able to give him an answer, and so great was their fear of him, that from that day no one put any more questions to him.

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