Mark 13:1-20 Bible in Basic English

The Destruction of the Temple and Signs before the End

13 1  And when he was going out of the Temple, one of his disciples said to him, Master, see, what stones and what buildings! 2  And Jesus said to him, Do you see these great buildings? there is not one stone here resting on another which will not be overturned. 3  And while he was seated on the Mountain of Olives opposite the Temple, Peter and James and John and Andrew said to him privately, 4  Say when these things will be, and what will be the sign when these things are all about to be done.

5  And Jesus said to them, Take care that you are not tricked by anyone. 6  People will come in my name, saying, I am he; and a number will be turned from the true way. 7  And when you have news of wars and talk of wars, do not be troubled; these things have to be, but it is still not the end. 8  Nation will go to war with nation, and kingdom with kingdom: there will be earth-shocks in different places; there will be times when there is no food; these things are the first of the troubles. 9  But take care: for they will give you up to the Sanhedrins; and in Synagogues you will be whipped; and you will be taken before rulers and kings because of me, for a sign to them. 10  And the good news has first to be given to all the nations. 11  And when you are taken and given up to be judged, do not be troubled about what to say: but whatever is given to you in that hour, say: because it is not you who say it, but the Holy Spirit. 12  And brother will give up brother to death, and the father his child; and children will go against their fathers and mothers, and put them to death. 13  And you will be hated by all men, because of my name; but he who goes through to the end will have salvation.

14  But when you see the unclean thing which makes destruction, in the place where it has no right to be (let this be clear to the reader), then let those who are in Judaea go quickly to the mountains: 15  And let him who is on the house-top not go down, or go in, to take anything out of his house: 16  And let not him who is in the field go back to take his coat. 17  And it will be hard for women who are with child and for her who has a baby at the breast in those days. 18  And say a prayer that it may not be in the winter. 19  For in those days there will be sorrow, such as there has not been from the time when God made the world till now, and will not ever be again. 20  And if the Lord had not made the time short, no flesh would have been kept from destruction; but because of the saints he has made the time short.

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