Psalm 45 Bible in Basic English

A Song for the King's Marriage

45 1  My heart is flowing over with good things; my words are of that which I have made for a king; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. 2  You are fairer than the children of men; grace is flowing through your lips; for this cause the blessing of God is with you for ever. 3  Put on your sword, make it ready at your side, O strong chief, with your glory and power. 4  And go nobly on in your power, because you are good and true and without pride; and your right hand will be teaching you things of fear. 5  Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the king's haters; because of them the peoples are falling under you.

6  Your seat of power, O God, is for ever and ever; the rod of your kingdom is a rod of honour. 7  You have been a lover of righteousness and a hater of evil: and so God, your God, has put the oil of joy on your head, lifting you high over all other kings. 8  Your robes are full of the smell of all sorts of perfumes and spices; music from the king's ivory houses has made you glad. 9  Kings' daughters are among your noble women: on your right is the queen in gold of Ophir.

10  O daughter, give thought and attention, and let your ear be open; no longer keep in mind your people, and your father's house; 11  So will the king have a great desire for you, seeing how beautiful you are; because he is your lord, give him honour. 12  And the daughters of Tyre will be there with an offering; those who have wealth among the people will be looking for your approval. 13  In the great house the king's daughter is all shining: her clothing is worked with gold. 14  She will come before the king in robes of needlework; the virgins in her train will come before you. 15  With joy and rapture will they come; they will go into the king's house. 16  Your children will take the place of your fathers; so that you may make them rulers over all the earth. 17  I will keep the memory of your name living through all generations; and because of this the people will give you praise for ever.

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