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Is Knowing My Zodiac Sign a Sin?

The belief of astrological signs teaches that we are born into a zodiac sign and our personality stems from being born on that day. The Bible is clear that God is the One who created us, and He is the One who gives us our personality.

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Jul 09, 2021
Is Knowing My Zodiac Sign a Sin?

The belief in astrological signs is that there are 12 signs, commonly referred to as zodiac signs. The 12 zodiac signs are based on the individual’s birthday and each sign has different personality traits associated with it. Many Christians wonder if it's a sin to believe in zodiac signs. What does the Bible say about horoscopes and different astrology beliefs? Let's first take a look at what the zodiac signs are and their meaning then dive into what God would want us to know.

Meaning of the Zodiac Signs

The 12 zodiac signs include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

  • Aries (March 21-April 19); Taurus (April 20-May 20); Gemini (May 21-June 20);
  • Cancer (June 21-July 22); Leo (July 23-Aug 22); Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22); 
  • Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22); Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21); Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21); 
  • Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19); Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18); Pisces (Feb 19-March 20).

Each of these 12 signs has positives, negatives, strengths, and weaknesses. Likewise, there are different personality traits associated with the different zodiac signs. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is part of one of the four elements of either water, air, fire, or earth.

Each of these elements influences a person’s attitude, personality traits, and behaviors (“Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics,” Astrology Zodiac Signs).

The four elements of water, air, fire, and earth are important to the astrological signs. The zodiac signs associated with water are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. People of the water element are believed to be emotional, sensitive, and mysterious.

The element of air includes the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. People of the event of air are thought to be social, intellectual, and great at giving advice. Fire element astrological signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. People of the fire element are believed to be temperamental, strong, and brave.

Lastly, earth elements include the signs of Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. Earth element people are thought to be realistic, practical, and grounded (“Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics,” Astrology Zodiac Signs).

Within the elements, there is the belief that certain zodiac signs are compatible with other zodiac signs. This means that some zodiac signs are more romantically inclined to other zodiac signs. If two zodiac signs are within the same element, then they are compatible.

However, zodiac signs can also be compatible with other zodiac signs that are not in their element. Fire signs are compatible with air signs and water signs are compatible with earth signs.

Yet, it is not wise to have a relationship or marry someone who is not compatible with your zodiac sign according to this belief system. Thus, a fire sign should not be friends with, have a relationship, or marry a water sign or vice versa.

Is it a Sin to Believe in Zodiac Signs?

The Bible tells us it is wrong to participate in astrology. This would include zodiac signs and horoscopes. Deuteronomy 18:10-14 says,

Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord; because of these same detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God.

The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so.

Astrology is a false belief system that is rooted in divination. God does not want His children to participate in witchcraft or the occult.

The belief of astrological signs teaches that we are born into a zodiac sign and our personality stems from being born on that day. The Bible is clear that God is the One who created us, and He is the One who gives us our personality (Psalm 139). God has made each person uniquely them. There is nobody else like you on earth.

As believers, we are not defined by an astrological sign. Our identity is found in Christ alone. It is not healthy or beneficial for a believer to live or identify themselves by their zodiac sign. This would be partaking in divination and in the occult, which is sinful.

Many people may believe there is no harm in reading horoscopes or reading astrology books, but there is much harm involved with this practice and this way of thinking. It is detrimental for a Christian to participate or believe in this type of witchcraft.

Are Zodiac Signs Correct?

No, astrological signs are not correct. Zodiac signs cannot truly define a person’s personality trait, nor can they predict a person’s entire life based on their birth date. In each of the zodiac signs, there is a wide variety of different descriptions included about a person.

Within this large variety of descriptions, most people could agree to at least a few of the descriptions. As an example, Pisces is described as sensitive, artistic, and gentle. Negative traits of Pisces include being easily afraid, fear of being criticized, and being more prone to have depression or to commit suicide.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Leos are described as being strong-willed, creative, and cheerful. Leo’s negative traits include being blunt, dramatic, and bossy. Each of these two zodiac signs is completely different from one another; however, most people could relate to their own personality traits being found in the description of both of these astrological signs.

This is because the writers and makers of astrological signs include a variety of different descriptions underneath each astrological sign in the hopes that you will find one that you relate to, which will then in turn, cause you to believe in the astrological sign as being part of who you are.

Astrological signs can work as a placebo effect for people, and they can be very convincing. If an individual presupposes that astrology signs are correct, they are going to be more convinced by the descriptions of the zodiac sign.

As an illustration, suppose Phoebe was born on April 10, which means her astrological sign is an Aries. Phoebe is a confident, determined, and smart young girl. When she reads the astrological description of her zodiac sign, she will find that many of her personality traits are listed under the description of Aries.

Does that mean it is true? Absolutely not. If Phoebe looked at the other description of other zodiac signs, she would easily be able to find common similarities she had among the other zodiac signs. This is because zodiac signs are not true.

Advocates of astrological signs try to convince people to believe this false belief system in order to promote themselves and to make money. There is a vast following of astrological signs with endless books, self-help guides, and calendars. There is no truth to astrological signs and believers should not participate in them.

Why Does This Matter?

Astrological signs are the belief that a person has certain personality traits, likes, and dislikes because of their birthday. There are 12 different zodiac houses, which are all included within one of the four elements.

Christians should not participate in astrology because it is condemned in the Bible. Astrological signs are part of divination and the occult. This means astrological signs are a work of Satan in the modern-day.

Believers need to turn to God for guidance and help, not their astrological sign or horoscope. God made each person uniquely them and He has a unique purpose for their life (Jeremiah 29:11). Rather than finding worth or your identity in a zodiac sign, find your worth in Jesus.

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