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Why Were There 12 Baskets of Leftovers?

PowerPoint Ministries
Updated Feb 08, 2011
Why Were There 12 Baskets of Leftovers?

One question I often hear when I talk about Jesus feeding the 5000 is why there were 12 baskets full of food left over [Matthew 14:15–20]. And you know, there are so many ideas out there because 12 is such a common recurring number throughout the Scriptures. There are 12 tribes of Israel and 12 disciples, both of which could explain why there were 12 baskets left.

But I really believe that the 12 baskets of food were left so that each one of those disciples who participated could take one! You see, those who serve the Lord get to enjoy the fruit of the abundant supply that Jesus gives.

Now, you don’t have to be in full-time ministry to enjoy the blessings that come along with serving. God’s rewards are for anyone who commits themselves to his Kingdom work!

Do you know who gets the most out of any message that I preach? I do! And the reason I enjoy it the most is because I put the most time into it. Without a doubt, the best way to grow in Christ is to serve him and to give yourself to his purposes.

If you want love, then give love! If you want friends, then be a friend! When servants share in God's service, they share in God’s supply.

Taken from “Finding God’s Blessings Through Service” by Power Point Ministries (used by permission).


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