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How is Jesus God's Word?

A.W. Pink

Why is the Lord Jesus Christ designated "the word?" What is the exact force and significance of this title? The first passage which occurs to our minds as throwing light on this question is the opening statement in Hebrews: "God who at various times and in diverse manners spoke in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken unto us by his Son." Here we learn that Christ is the final spokesman of God. Closely connected with this is the Savior’s title found in Revelation 1:8 - "I am Alpha and Omega," which intimates that He is God’s alphabet, the One who spells out Deity, the One who speaks all God has to say. Even clearer, perhaps, is the testimony of John 1:18: "No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father's side, he has made him known." The word "declared" means speak out; it is translated "told" in Luke 24:35. Putting together these three passages we learn that Christ is the One who is the Spokesman of God, and One who spelled out the Deity, the One who has declared or told forth the Father.

Christ, then, is the One who has made the incomprehensible God intelligible. The force of this title of His found in John 1:1, may be discovered by comparing it with that name which is given to the Holy Scriptures - "the Word of God." What are the Scriptures? They are the Word of God. And what does that mean? This: the Scriptures reveal God’s mind, express His will, make known His perfections, and lay bare His heart. This is precisely what the Lord Jesus has done for the Father. But let us enter a little more into detail:

(a) A "word" is a medium of manifestation. I have in my mind a thought, but others don't know its nature. But the moment I clothe that thought in words it becomes known. Words, then, make objective unseen thoughts. This is precisely what the Lord Jesus has done. As the Word, Christ has made manifest the invisible God.

(b) A "word" is a means of communication. By means of words I transmit information to others. By words I express myself, make known my will, and impart knowledge. So Christ, as the Word, is the Divine Transmitter, communicating to us the life and love of God.

(c) A "word" is a method of revelation. By his words a speaker exhibits both his intellectual caliber and his moral character. By our words we shall be justified, and by our ‘words we shall be condemned. And Christ, as the Word, reveals the attributes and perfections of God. How fully has Christ revealed God! He displayed His power, He manifested His wisdom, He exhibited His holiness, He made known His grace, He unveiled His heart. In Christ, and nowhere else, is God fully and finally told out.

Adapted from The Exposition of the Gospel of John, Chapter 2, by A.W. Pink.

Originally published September 13, 2010.