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Take Your Holidays - Moments of Hope Devotional - August 25, 2019

Published Aug 19, 2019

Take Your Holidays
By David Chadwick

Over the last couple days, I’ve adjured you to take your weekly day off and your annual vacation days. These days not only allow you to be recharged, but to work more effectively.

There is a set of other days you should honor as well: your holidays.

The word holidays is derived from two words: holy and days. The word holy means “different” or “set apart.” Holidays, then, are different kinds of days. They are set apart in meaning and purpose from all the other days.

How so? American holidays have ingrained importance. They help force times of remembrance. Think about the meaning of each one:

  1. Christmas: We remember that God so loved the world that he put on human flesh to pursue humanity and grant forgiveness for our sins.
  2. Easter: We remember that Jesus was raised from the dead, thus proving that his death did indeed accomplish God’s forgiveness for our sins.
  3. Memorial Day: We remember those who served in the military and potentially gave their lives for our freedom.
  4. Fourth of July: We remember that we Americans have freedoms like no other people on the face of the earth.
  5. Labor Day: We remember the importance and value of hard work.
  6. Thanksgiving: We remember the one from whom all blessings flow – giving thanks to God for all we have.

Holidays aren’t days to work. They are days to pause and remember. They are different days, set apart, unlike all others.

Make sure you not only take each one, but take some time to remember their meanings.

When you do, they do indeed become holy days.

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