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Setting Aside Time - Moments of Hope Devotional - July 5, 2019

Jul 05, 2019

Setting Aside Time
By David Chadwick

If a husband and wife are one flesh (Ephesians 5:31), the wife often should feel warning signs for her husband. What, then, are some practical things husbands can do to give our wives the best opportunity to speak to us and help us not step in stuff we shouldn’t?

Above all else, set aside time regularly to be together and alone. It’s an essential. You can’t trust your wife’s gut and hear what she may be sensing unless you spend time together and are listening to what she feels.

Next, when together, make sure you ask her opinion about issues in your life. Desire her honest perspective. If something doesn’t make sense, ask for clarification.

Finally, once you understand what she is saying, take action. If it’s about a person, take a step back and analyze the situation. Or, you may need to run in the other direction. Trust me – you’ll be glad you did.

Listen to your wife’s intuition. I’ve learned through the years that when I do, I have pinned a badge of honor on Marilynn that she gladly wears.

I have fewer problems. And more and more oneness occurs between Marilynn and me.

Discover God’s path to a better marriage

A key to making your marriage the best it can be isn’t a secret. God commands spouses to give honor to one another – and blesses them for doing so!

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