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If You Want to Be Strong, Abide - Moments of Hope Devotional - July 16, 2019

If You Want to Be Strong, Abide
by Marilynn Chadwick

A young mom recently asked if there was anything I’d do differently if I were just starting out in my marriage. It didn’t take long to respond that I’d be more intentional about abiding in Christ. Abiding, I believe, is the secret to lasting strength in marriage.

David made a comment the other day that got me thinking. “I really like it that you are not needy,” he told me. He said he appreciates that I’m not looking to him for my identity. “Because of your relationship with the Lord, you come to our marriage with a full cup,” he confided. “I know you’re not going to drain me dry.”

I’ve thought further about what he said. David knows my weaknesses better than anyone. He has walked me through more fears and more tears than I can count. And yet, he still considers me strong. Perhaps he sees strength in me that I don’t even see in myself. The strength that comes from my relationship with Jesus.

Abiding in Christ is not some magic pill you swallow and then, “Bam, you’re in!”  No, it’s a daily process carved out with one foot in front of the other. Even on days I don’t feel like it. Especially on days when I don’t feel like it.

So in a sense, the call to be the helper, or ezer, in my marriage is a call to a daily walk with Christ. It’s saying yes when Jesus calls to me to follow him. And yes to abiding.

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Originally published July 16, 2019.