Beelzebub - Moments of Hope Devotional - October 1, 2019

By David Chadwick

The different biblical names given to God’s enemy tell us much about who he is.

He is called Satan (the adversary), the devil (the divider), the evil one, and Apollyon (the destroyer). The enemy hates God and wants to promote evil. His desire is to destroy all parts of God’s creation.

Another biblical name for the enemy is Beelzebub (Mark 3:22). It means “lord of the flies.”

Isn’t this an accurate description of the enemy?

Imagine a horde of nasty, dirty flies swarming around a dead carcass. Or a pile of manure. It’s terribly unhealthy. Touch any of it and diseases will be easily contracted and transmitted.

That’s a picture of what the enemy has done to God’s once-perfect created order. The curse of sin and death has infected every particle of creation. Nothing is operating as God originally intended.

That’s why God sent his Son, Jesus, into this world. He came to reverse the curse of sin and death. He came to restore all things to their purposed design (Acts 3:21).

When Jesus returns, all of Beelzebub’s work will be eradicated. He will be cast into the pit of hell, bound with eternal chains (Revelation 20:10) – a place created by God for the enemy and his rebellious angels (Matthew 25:41).

What is your job description until Jesus returns? Start restoring what’s broken. Serve the poor.  Care for the needy. Feed the hungry. Give shelter to the homeless. Visit the prisoner. Love your neighbor. Share the hope of the gospel.

Do whatever you can do to restore God’s will for his world.

Jesus will return one day.

That’s when the lord of the flies will be forever defeated. Everything will be restored.

What a wonderful day that will be!

Stand strong in the attack

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