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Ask This Question Often - Moments of Hope Devotional - July 17, 2019

Ask This Question Often
by David Chadwick

The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. Solomon echoes this truth with this poignant piece of wisdom: “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life” (Proverbs 4:23 ESV).

Jesus made the same point in Mark 7:20-23. In these verses, he pointed out that everything in life, both good and bad, flows from the heart.

Husband, your wife desires to be one with you. That was creation’s design (Genesis 2:24).

But for oneness to occur, you husbands must want it, too. Your desire to honor your wife will stimulate your heart to know her heart so that you can become one.

If you husbands want to honor your wife, you must learn to ask her this very important question: How is your heart?

Then, after she has recovered from the shock of your asking her this question, listen intently to her response. Let it sink in. Understand and reflect her feelings. Appreciate her courage to share her heart. Ask her to share more.

As you husbands do this, you’ll find that she loves you more and more. Your marriage will grow increasingly more intimate.

And the two of you have increasingly become one – God’s goal for all marriages.

Discover God’s path to a better marriage

A key to making your marriage the best it can be isn’t a secret. God commands spouses to give honor to one another – and blesses them for doing so!

David Chadwick and his wife, Marilynn, unpack the biblical meaning of honor in these two special books, Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Husband and Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Wife.

You’ll find humor, humility and a passion for Christ that will inspire you to love your spouse in new ways that:

  • Reignite the “spark” you remember
  • Deepen trust and the intimacy you long for
  • Connect you to God’s original and joy-filled intent for marriage

Both books are our way of saying thanks for your gift below to help share Jesus and the life-changing new perspective He gives.

Thank you so much for your support today – and may you find new reason for hope as He helps you improve your marriage!

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