A Word to Bosses - Moments of Hope Devotional - August 10, 2019

Published Aug 01, 2019

A Word to Bosses
by David Chadwick

In Colossians 4:1, Paul gives two points of advice to bosses. If followed, success should occur like never before.

First, Paul wanted to make sure that bosses treat their employees kindly and fairly. More specifically, this means:

  1. Give your employees the best work environment possible. Make sure it’s as safe and stress-free as possible.
  2. Create a family environment. Encourage people to care for one another.
  3. Don’t permit anything that degrades or is vulgar. Emphasize that all people are created in the image of God. All should be treated respectfully as his children.
  4. Pay an honest day’s wage for a hard day’s work. Be fair. Try to pay as much as possible to ensure your workers and their families don’t have stress in their lives.
  5. Provide the best medical benefits possible.

Next, Paul reminds all bosses that they have a Boss in heaven. And the eternal Boss will hold all earthly bosses accountable for how they have overseen and provided for their employees.

That should cause a pause in the hearts of all bosses. They are not called to use their employees for their own purposes. They are called to serve their employees for their purposes. It’s called servant leadership. Like Jesus, earthly bosses are called to serve, not be served (Mark 10:45).

And one day, every boss who has ever lived will face the eternal Boss. Paul wanted to remind them of this reality. He hoped to motivate them to right and faithful oversight of their employees.

When employees are treated well, a successful workplace should develop – one with more profits than ever to share.

That’s a win/win for everyone – especially the Lord!

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