Daily Disciples - August 20

August 20

Today’s Reading: Psalms 1051 Corinthians 3

Today’s Thoughts: Constantly changing

For I will not contend forever, Nor will I always be angry; For the spirit would fail before Me, And the souls which I have made. - Isaiah 57:16

Christianity is like redecorating an older home. When you change the look of one room, suddenly you realize that the rest of the house does not look as good any more. The Lord does the same with us. He starts working on one area of our character and then suddenly we realize that a lot more change is needed.

How do we not get overwhelmed by it all? How do we prevent ourselves from getting discouraged? There are times, after I have been confronted with an issue, that I have wondered how I got along all these years without realizing that change was needed. Other times, after God addresses something, I have wondered why God has decided to work on these aspects of my character now. The saying, "He never gives up on you," is so true. Whether good or bad, the Lord takes you as His own and will make you like His own. He will not give up, even when we ask Him.

The only way to faithfully get through the refining process every day is by understanding the character of God. He is a God of love, patience, kindness and gentleness. He will never lead us where He cannot keep us. But for us to receive more of His blessings, He needs to make sure our own character can handle them. The Lord disciplines those He loves and desires for each of us to live in His abundant blessings. However, there is a level of responsibility with each blessing, and that requires change.

If you find yourself in the fiery furnace right now, find promises on the love of God. Think on these things. You will find yourself yielding to Him, with less resistance and you will get through just fine.

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