Activate - October 26, 2015



Read: 1 Peter 2

Key Verse: “Live such godly lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us.” - 1 Peter 2:12

Are you often surrounded by people who do not follow Jesus? Are they in your family, at your workplace, or in your neighborhood? Do you view these relational opportunities as a vital part of your God-given purpose each week? Many people who resist reading the Bible are reading your life closely. What are they watching for and what will catch their attention in a positive way?

  1. Unselfishness: In a self-centered world, make sure you are ready to serve.
  2. Listening: It is a simple and powerful way to show that you care.
  3. Integrity: Keep your word through consistent talk and actions.
  4. Purity: Avoid gossip, slander, complaints, pornography, and drunkenness.
  5. Joy: Rise above situations with a source that is greater than your trials.
  6. Perseverance: Refuse to quit, give up, or abandon your role.

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