Wonder of God (Awe & Wonder) - Part 2 - God's Love at Work - Week of January 31

Jan 31, 2021

Wonder of God (Awe & Wonder) – Part 2

By Margaret D. Mitchell
Week of January 31, 2021

I believe God is restoring us to child-like wonder. Leading us to an expanded place of beauty—that which is lovely to us.

A reflection of treasure as pure gold that blesses us.

To set us into a place of provision for dreams to come true as He brings us closer to Him.

God is using the wonder of our new settings (surroundings) as important tools to transplant us from past glory to new glory.

A couple of weeks ago, on January 12, I ran an errand on the far end of town. On my way back, I followed GPS, which led me through an alternate route into a beautiful neighborhood that I had only visited once before.

I didn’t expect GPS to lead me this way. The first time I had visited this particular neighborhood was to look at Christmas lights a couple of weeks earlier, which the Holy Spirit prompted me to do.

Both times, in driving through this neighborhood, I experienced the most wonderful feeling, like God was waiting for me there.

This new-to-me place was a new setting—a visual—of what God is doing and where He’s taking me beyond these drive-by days. 

And God will do the same for you.

He will cause us to experience awe and wonder that will open us up, refresh us, and re-set us to receive His manifest promises He placed in our hearts.

So, the next day after running my errand, during quiet time, Holy Spirit revealed another, more meaningful look at the route He lead me through to arrive at this beautiful place: I had to pass through two circles, through a small downtrodden section, and past an old church.

God revealed to me the symbolism and the feeling of awe of how, in my preparation, He led me upward through two cycles of bondage, through a hard place, then beyond lies, into this new beginning of expanded blessings.

I reflected on how God had to uproot ungodly roots before He could progress me along this new route.

In realizing this, even more, He filled my heart anew with gratitude for getting me unstuck, bringing me past former hardships and into the child-like wonder of exploring His beauty that He had just for me.

He enabled me to see the big picture from His perspective and without pain from my past.

He delivered me, transported me, and reset me.

He positioned me for new growth.

Are you seeing God’s beautiful place in your own life?

How is He bringing you into your bright new year?

What new path is He setting you on?

Are you experiencing gratitude that He will honor?

God is leading us into more of His goodness—past the painful process of reconstruction into the wonder and joy of His completion and expansion phases of restoration.

He desires to surround us with Him and reflections of His beauty in a new way.

To enjoy.

Have you asked Him to open your eyes to see and ears to hear His way?

Have you received His faith to believe much more of His best for you?

I have no doubt the beautiful neighborhood is a picture for now of what God has more for us forward.

A vision and experience of wonder to establish more wonder.

Even in the former things, as He makes all things new and opens them up in our lives, like a gift to be unwrapped.

A treasure waiting to be received. Pure gold waiting to be uncovered even more.

It was part of God’s plan all along, as He brings us into greater fulfillment of His restored, abundant-life cycle with the light of freedom in which to grow.

A place where God can transplant us without killing us, because He has rooted us so deeply in Him. It is a place where He can cause us to flourish faster in His wonder and as His wonder, because He enabled us to experience Him as Love in high Heavenly places. 

This is a place for which our God of wonder has prepared us to grow miraculously in the expanse of having overcome.

This is a place of holy ease, where we can expect to experience wonder after wonder as He has causes us to wonder with Him and realize He has made us into a wonder along the way.

Each of us is a living miracle, who can experience rapid growth as we have crossed over to the sunny side of the mountain, where He continues to warm our hearts again.

Now that He has strengthened us in Him, lifted our burdens, and opened our eyes, we can expect to see more of His miracles from this vantage point of victory.

He has positioned us to step into the beginning of the multiplicity that is the wonder of the work that He has been doing behind the scenes all along.

God is continuing to take the former things of our lives, including relationships and projects, and making them new again. He has removed the pain associated with them and has reformed them. When they come around this time, we will see them in the richness, the fullness of God in it as He intended—to be a true blessing of abundant life.

His higher purposes will prevail. We will receive wonders, as our eyes continue to be fixed and focused on His goodness.

So, pray with me if you will…

Dear Lord,

Thank you for making me wonder. As such, enable me to align with Your wonder and receive all the blessings You have for me in this new, beautiful place. Enable me to grow in the direction You desire to lead me, at the rate You desire to grow me, to expand Your Kingdom on earth.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Friends, join me next week for Part 3 of Wonder of God (Awe & Wonder).

Margaret D. Mitchell is the Founder of God's Love at Work, a marketplace outreach purposed to share God's greatest power source - the love of Christ.


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