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Jesus Christ's Life: Key Events

Updated Jul 01, 2020
Jesus Christ's Life: Key Events
  1. Preparatory Period (4 B.C.-26 A.D.)
    1. Birth of Jesus (4 B.C.)
    2. Jesus in the Temple (8 A.D.)
    3. Life in Nazareth (8-26 A.D.) 
  2. Early Ministry, Judea (26-27 A.D.)
    1. Baptism, Temptation, First Disciples.
    2. Visit to Cana and Capernaum.
    3. First Passover, Nicodemus
  3. Period of popular favor; Galilee (27-29 A.D.)
    1. John imprisoned; Samaria; Galilee.
    2. Rejection at Nazareth.
    3. Twelve chosen.
    4. Sermon on the Mount.
    5. Tours through Galilee; Parables and Miracles.
    6. Five thousand fed. The Bread of Life. 
  4. Period of Opposition; Galilee, Judea and Perea (29-30 A.D.)
    1. The Great Confession; the Transfiguration.
    2. Departure from Galilee; the Seventy sent out.
    3. Lazarus raised; retirement to Perea.
    4. Return to Jerusalem; teachings on the way; Jericho, Zacchaeus; arrival at Bethany. 
  5. The Final Week; Jerusalem (30 A.D.)
    1. Triumphal entry.
    2. Teaching and controversies in the Temple.
    3. Greeks at the feast; Discourse on the Last Days.
    4. The Passover; the Last Supper; Gethsemane.
    5. Arrest; examination; crucifixion; burial. 
  6. Resurrection and Ascension (30 A.D.)
    1. Resurrection; appearances to the Disciples.
    2. Meetings with the Disciples in Galilee; forty days.
    3. The Ascension.

Article taken from A Guide to Bible Study by J. W. McGarvey (public domain).


Christianity / Church / Church History / Jesus Christ's Life: Key Events

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