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Birthdays on December 3

Mitsuo Fuchida (1902 to 1976)
He attacked Pearl Harbor.

Birth of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Japanese military general who flew the lead place in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was converted April 14, 1950, five years after World War II ended, through representatives of the Pocket Testament League. He became a prolific writer of religious tracts.

Clara H. Jones Clark (1841 to 1897)
Killed by a runaway horse.

Clara H. Jones Clark was born in Elk Grove, Illinois. In 1856 she attended the first musical institute in Chicago, conducted by C. M. Cady. After her marriage to Henry Clay Scott in 1861, she became an acquaintance of hymn writer Horatio R. Palmer, who greatly encouraged her in creative writing. In addition to numerous piano music in sheet music form, she published The Royal Anthem Book (1882), the first collection of anthems published by a woman. But she is remembered every time we sing, "Open My Eyes That I May See." While visiting Dubuque, Iowa, she was killed when thrown from a buggy by a runaway horse, June 21, 1897.


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