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Birthdays on November 12

Richard Baxter (1615 to 1691)
A moderate in immoderate times.

Richard Baxter was born at Rowton, Salop, England. Disgusted by the frivolity of the court, to which he was early introduced, he returned home to study on his own. He became a nonconformist (one who did not accept Church of England doctrines) and preached to Parliament's armies although he disliked Oliver Cromwell's views. After retiring from the armies, he wrote his most famous book, The Saints' Everlasting Rest. Offered the vacant position for bishop at Hereford because of his prominent role in the recall of Charles II, he refused it and consequently endured persecution at the hands of Judge Jeffries. Pious, moderate and hard-working, he issued over 200 writings, plus hymns and an autobiography.


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