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Birthdays on November 8

Oswald J. Smith (1889 to 1986)
From train station to People's Church.

Oswald J. Smith was born, at his parents' home over a train station (his father was a telegraph operator for the Canadian Pacific Railway), at Odessa, Ontario, Canada. His conversion at age 16 was at the great Torrey-Alexander evangelistic campaign in Toronto, on January 28, 1906. Taking night classes at Toronto Bible College, he felt called to preach, and in 1934 he formed the missionary-minded People's Church. The Peoples' Church has funneled millions of dollars into missionary work, and has sent forth hundreds of young people into the mission fields of the world. His 35 books have been printed by the millions, translated into over 70 languages. He gave us over 200 Gospel songs, hymns and choruses, including "Then Jesus Came," "God Understands" and "Joy in Serving Jesus. " He died January 25, 1986.

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