Birthdays on November 6

William Arnot (1808 to 1875)
Presbyterian Free Church
Doctrinal, spiritual, practical.

William Arnot was born at Scione, Perthshire in Scotland. He became a Greek scholar and a man of great discernment and strong scriptural convictions. His scriptural depth combined with literary polish, made his books influential. Among his writings were Laws from heaven for Life on Earth; Illustrations from the Book of Proverbs; The Parables of Our Lord; The Church in the House and others. His aim was to be doctrinal, spiritual and practical.

Archibald Thomas Robertson (1863 to 1934)
Greek was not "all Greek" to him.

Archibald Thomas Robertson was born near Chatham, Virginia. Converted at thirteen, he was licensed to prach at sixteen. In 1895, he was elected to succeed John A. Broadus as professor of New Testament Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville, Kentucky. His greatest contribution to Biblical scholarship was in the field of New Testament Greek. In 1914, he published his monumntal 1, 454 page Grammar of the New Testament, which went into many editions. He also authored 45 other books.


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