Birthdays on October 29

Juji Nakada (1870 to 1939)
He issued a significant invitation.

Birth of Juji Nakada. Becoming a Japanese evangelist, he invited Charles and Lettie Cowman to come and help establish a Bible training institute in Japan. In 1910 the Cowmans incorporated the Oriental Mission Society (O.M.S.) in Tokyo.

William B. Tappan (1784 to 1849)
Congregational Church
He saw the importance of Sunday schools.

William B. Tappan was born in Beverly, Massachussets.Originally trained in clock making, Tappan's increasing interest in the Sunday school movement led to his employment with the America Sunday School Union in 1822. He remained with that organization until his death. A Congregational minister, he held evangelistic campaigns throughout the United States, always emphasizing the importance of the Sunday school. A prolific poet, he published ten volumes of verse, including the hymn "'Tis Midnight and on Olive's Brow..."

Abraham Kuyper (1837 to 1920)
Reformed Church
Theologian statesman's common grace.

Birth of Abraham Kuyper, near Rotterdam. Ordained in the Reformed Church, Kuyper was "converted" to Orthodox Calvinism by the deep piety of his first congregation at Beesd (1863-68). Beginning in 1867, Kuyper moved toward making orthodox Calvinism a political force. He was elected to Parliament in 1874 and even became prime minister in 1901-05. In 1886 he led the break from the State Church, establishing Reformed Churches in the Netherlands. He was an extensive writer. As a theologian, he revived a systematic Calvinism that emphasized "common grace."


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