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Birthdays on October 14

William Penn (1644 to 1718)
Society of Friends (Quakers)
At home in a prison or a palace.

William Penn (left) was born in London, son of Admiral Penn. It is interesting to note that his spiritual interests changed on several occasions, but all because of a deep abiding trust in Jesus Christ. Owing to his religious views, he underwent much persecution. While imprisoned for seven months in the Tower of London, he wrote his book No Cross, No Crown. He was twice imprisoned in Newgate (for preaching openly), and once in Fleet, so that it is true to say he was as at home in prisons as in palaces. In 1696 Penn made the acquaintance of Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, and attempted to convert him to Quakerism. In the United States Penn is best remembered as the founder of Pennsylvania, named for the admiral.

Henry "Harry" Allen Ironside (1876 to 1951)
Plymouth Brethren
Laid aside as dead at birth.

Henry "Harry" Allen Ironside was born at Toronto, Canada and set aside as dead. A nurse discovered a pulse and popped him in warm water. Converted at age 14, he immediately began to preach, becoming one of America's best beloved Bible teachers. A Salvation Army officer for a time, he later joined the Plymouth Brethren. From 1930-1948 he pastored at the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago, his only pastorate. Surprisingly, he was never ordained. For over fifty years, Ironside traveled widely as an evangelist and Bible teacher. He authored over sixty books, mostly popular Bible commentaries. He was on a preaching tour in New Zealand in 1951 when he died.


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