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Birthdays on October 11

George Williams (1821 to 1905)
Religion and recreation for the restless.

Birth of George Williams who founded the YMCA to evangelize rootless young men in the cities and provide them with needed recreational activities and guidance to make them useful and keep them from lives of sin. Williams had a strong impact.

James Hope Moulton (1863 to 1917)
He had great grammar.

James Hope Moulton was born in Richmond, Surrey. The son of W. F. Moulton, a noted Greek scholar, young Moulton grew up in an atmosphere of serious Biblical scholarship. After graduating from Cambridge, he was ordained in 1886 to ministry in the Methodist church. His two greatest works were The Grammar of New Testament Greek and his Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, which he co-edited with George Milligan.

Kenneth R. Adams (1914 to )
Getting the word out.

Birth of Kenneth R. Adams. In 1941 Adams founded Christian Literature Crusade which pioneered production and distribution of missionary publications.


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