Birthdays on October 3

James T. Holly (1829 to 1911)
Episcopal Church
Haiti's promoter and bishop.

James T. Holly was born in Washington, D.C. As an Episcopalian bishop, he encouraged the emigration of blacks to Haiti and became himself bishop of Haiti.

Robert Gray (1809 to 1872)
Church of England
South African Gray.

Birth of Robert Gray who became a notable missionary to South Africa and the first Anglican bishop of Cape Town. He served as Metropolitan of South Africa from 1853 until the year of his death in 1872.

Carolina Sandell (1832 to 1903)
Miraculously healed of paralysis, she sang.

Carolina "Lina" Sandell was born in Froderyd, Sweden. At the age of twelve she was miraculously healed of a paralysis and from this experience began writing hymns of love and gratitude. She authored obout 650 hymns before her death at age 71 and is called the Swedish Fanny Crosby. She credited the popularity of her hymns to the music written for them by Oscar Arnfelt a "spiritual troubadour" of his day. Jenny Lind, a famous Swedish soprano, published many of Lina's hymns. Two that we sing are "Day by Day" and "Children of the Heavenly Father." In 1867 Carolina married C. Berg.


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