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Birthdays on September 30

Georg Schmidt (1709 to 1785)
Moravian Missionary Pioneer to the Hottentots.

Georg Schmidt was born in Kunewalde, Moravia. The godly Count von Zinzendorf was among the influences on his strong Christian life. While he was visiting oppressed brethren in Austria, Catholic authorities arrested Georg, who then spent six years in prison at hard labor. Deeply concerned for South Africans, he went as a missionary to the Hottentots. Unable to master their difficult language, he taught them in Dutch (the Dutch controlled South Africa). The zealous Georg willingly worked as a common laborer when necessary to support himself and his ministries.

August Hardeland (1814 to 1891)
Translator of Borneo Bible.

August Hardeland was born in Hanover, Germany. During his life, he worked with the Rhenish Missionary Society in Borneo, and with the Netherland's Bible Society, translating the Bible into the Dayak language of Borneo. To win over the Dayak people, he ransomed many from debt-slavery. After missionaries were driven out by rebellion and massacre, he became superintendent of Hermannsburg Mission in 1859 in South Africa.

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