Birthdays on September 28

Henry M. MacCracken (1840 to 1918)
Chancellor of New York University.

Henry M. MacCracken was born at Oxford, Ohio. A Presbyterian minister, he became chancellor of the New York University 1891-1910.

Frances Willard (1839 to 1898)
She mastered the women's movement.

Frances Willard was born. As a girl, she felt keenly the unequal status of women. While attending college, she experienced a definite religious conversion. Willard graduated from Northwestern Female College in Evanston, Ill in 1859, a school to which she later returned to teach. Becoming interested in the temperance movement, she volunteered herself in its service and worked for a time with Dwight L. Moody. In 1879 her extreme efforts led to her election as president of the National Women's Christian Temperance Union, a platform she employed to reach out to all women and to press for women's rights as well as helping pass Prohibition.

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