Birthdays on September 25

Cleland Boyd McAfee (1866 to 1944)
From a busy position, he envisioned a place of quiet rest.

Cleland Boyd McAfee was born at Ashley, Missiouri. After graduating from Union Theological Seminary, he pastored the College church in Parkesville, Missouri for 20 years, and for the next eighteen, taught Systematic Theology at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. But we remember him best for his hymn "There Is a Place of Quiet Rest."

Rudolf Otto (1869 to 1973)
He honored his holy God.

Rudolf Otto was born in Hanover, Germany. As a Lutheran theologian, he sought to deepen public worship. The wrote The Idea of the Holy, stressing the surpassing holiness of God, too often neglected in Protestantism.

Wilbur E. Nelson (1910 to 2003)
Founder of the Morning Chapel Hour.

Birth of Wilbur E. Nelson who founded the Morning Chapel Hour, a radio broadcast.


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