Birthdays on September 5

Frederic Oakeley (1802 to 1880)
"O, Come All Ye Faithful."

Frederic Oakeley was born in Shrewsbury, England. Oakeley was one of the Tractarian authors during the Oxford Movement (which advocated that certain Roman Catholic practices be restored in the Church of England.) His involvment with the movement created great controversy, leading to his resignation from the Church of England in 1845. He later joined the Roman Catholic church. Oakeley translated the popular Latin carol "Adeste Fidelis" into English under the title "O Come, All Ye Faithful."

Howard Benjamin Grose (1851 to 1939)
He Gave of His Best to the Master.

Howard Benjamin Grose was born in Millerton, New York. Ordained in 1883, he pastored several churches before working with higher education in his American Baptist denomination. He was editorial secretary of the American Baptist Home Mission Society. He is best remembered for his hymn "Give of Your Best to the Master."

Antonio Bacci (1885 to 1971)
Roman Church
Magician of the Latin Phrase.

Antonio Bacci was born in Guignola, Italy. He became the Vatican's ranking Latinist and wrote Latin versions of encyclicals for four popes.

George Ernest Wright (1909 to 1974)
He Wasn't Afraid to Dirty His Hands.

George Ernest Wright was born in Zanesville, Ohio. He received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins in 1937, and taught at McCormick Theological Seminary beginning in 1939, then at Harvard. He founded the periodical The Biblical Archaeologist and served as its editor for 29 years. Wright directed archaeological digs at Shechem and Gezer.


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