Birthdays on September 4

Robert South (1634 to 1716)
Church of England
South Counselled Obedience to Bad Kings.

Birth of Robert South. He became a preacher at the court of Charles, supporting the doctrines of the divine right of kings and passive obedience to superiors.

Marcus Whitman (1802 to 1847)
Victim of Epidemic and Murder.

Marcus Whitman was born in Rushville, New York. Converted at age 16, he later became a Presbyterian elder. Having completed his studies in medicine, he was sent to explore regions west of the Mississippi River, with a view toward opening a mission to the Indians. With his wife Narcissa, he left Prattsburg, New York in 1836 on a historic trip accross the country by wagon train. After months of slow travel, they arrived at Fort Walla Walla, where they set up a mission in what was known as "Oregon Territory," parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The Cayuse Indian tribe initially responded well to the teaching of the missionaries. But in 1847 an epidemic of measles broke out among the Indians. Whitman's attempts at treatment may have aggravated the epidemic. In superstitious retaliation, a band of Cayuse attacked and murdered Whitman, his wife and twelve others.

Edwin Hatch (1835 to 1889)
Church of England
Word of God Analyzed, Breath of God Invoked.

Edwin Hatch was born at Derby, England. Educated at Brimingham and Oxford, he was ordained in England, but later taught in Canada. Of his several scholarly publications, his most famous is the Concordance to the Septuagint which he edited with Redpath. Listing every word in the Greek text, it remains the definitive work. He also wrote hymns, including "Breathe on me, breath of God."


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