Birthdays on September 2

Charles Cuthbert Hall (1852 to 1908)
A Presbyterian President.

Charles Cuthbert Hall was born in New York city. After graduating from Williams College in 1872, he served as a Presbyterian pastor and eventually as the president of Union Theological Seminary.

Erastus Blakelee (1838 to 1908)
Congregational Church
He Organized the Bible Study Union.

Erastus Blakelee was born in Plymouth Connecticutt. A Congregationalist minister, he organized the Bible Study Publishing Co. (in Boston) in 1892 and the Bible Study Union. When he died in 1908, he had published more than 150 lessons.

Frank C. Laubach (1884 to 1970)
Congregational Church
"Each One Teach One."

Frank C. Laubach born at Benton, Pennsylvania. He became a Congregational missionary to the Philippines where he developed his famous "each one teach one" method of obliterating literacy. This method has been copied around the world by many mission boards in varying forms.


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