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Birthdays on August 11

Lee Shelley (1914 to )
All about Christians in Action.

Birth of Lee Shelley. In 1957 he founded Christians in Action Mission International in Huntingdon Park, California. This mission engages in foreign evangelism, missionary orientation and church planting.

Jerry Falwell (1933 to )
Recognizing the Moral Majority.

Birth of Jerry Falwell, He became pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, and founder of Liberty University. Here thousands of young people have received a solid Biblical education. Dr. Falwell's television program, "The Old Time Gospel Hour," has commanded much attention and roused much opposition from those who hate the gospel. Falwell took the case for morality into the public arena (he was a founder of the Moral Majority) and sought to restore moral integrity to our government. Hated by those who oppose Christ, he has been under almost continual attack. On one occasion, he was invited to participate in a nationally televised discussion about moral issues and, after having been briefly recognized in the introductions, Dr. Falwell was kept standing in front of a live camera for the full hour, while the MC gave all the discussion time to the opposition. His organization was attacked by the Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged discrepencies in handling fund


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