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Birthdays on August 7

Franklin Lawrence Sheppard (1852 to 1930)
A Layman with a Contribution.

Franklin Lawrence Sheppard was born in Philadelphia. He became a layman, vestryman, music director and active Sunday school worker in the Presbyterian church. He was a member and later the president of the Presbyterian Board of Publication. He served on the editorial committee of the Presbyterian Hymnal. He composed the music to which we sing "This Is My Father's World."

John A. Davis (1871 to 1934)
As Practical as it Gets.

John A. Davis was born near Afton, New York. Davis became an evangelist of note and felt the need for a training institute where young ministers could be educated at minimal cost. Hence he founded the Practical Bible Training School. In the early days, the course were limited to Bible classes. A student came, took as many classes as he could, and when he had opportunity to enter the Lord's service as pastor, evangelist or missionary, left the school. A few years later, a regular curriculum was established, from which hundreds of Bible students have been graduated, who are presently ministering or have ministered around the world. The school became known as Practical Bible College.


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