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Birthdays on August 5

Grant Colfax Tullar (1869 to 1950)
Shoe Salesman with a Grandiose Name.

Grant Colfax Tullar was born at Bolton, Connecticut. Ulysses Grant was president of the United States and Schuyler Colfax vice-president, and as so often happened in those days, high ideals were planted in the newborn baby which accounts for his unusual name. His mother died when he was two and he was raised by unsympathetic relatives. At the age of ten, he went to work in a woolen mill, and later moved to Hartford, CT where he worked in a shoe store until he was fifteen. At the age of nineteen, he was converted at a Methodist camp meeting near Waterbury, CT, but his only formal education was at Hackettstown Academy in New Jersey. After serving as a pastor for a year, he became a music evangelist. In 1893 he and Isaac H. Meredith founded the Tullar-Meredith Publishing co. in New York, publishing Sunday school literature and church music. Tuller composed the hymn tune to which we sing "Face to Face with Christ My Savior."


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