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Birthdays on June 28

Jason Lee (1803 to 1845)
His passion for Oregon made him controversial.

Jason Lee was born in Stanstead, Vermont (now in Canada). He became a controversial Methodist missionary to Oregon and one of the founders of Oregon's Territorial government. He founded the Institute which became Willamette University.

Frederick William Faber (1814 to 1863)
Roman Church
He saw the wideness in God's mercy.

Frederick William Faber was born in Yorkshire, England. He became an Anglican clergyman, but migrated to the Roman Catholic Church under the influence of John Henry Newman. Because he had loved the Olney Hymns of John Newton and William Cowper, he set out to produce similar works for the Catholic Church. We sing several of his hymns to this day, including "Faith of Our Fathers" and There's a Wideness in God's Mercy."

Elizabeth Edmunds Hewitt (1851 to 1920)
She wanted to know more about Jesus.

Elizabeth Edmunds Hewitt was born in Philadelphia and lived there all her life. A public school teacher, she developed serious spinal trouble which curtailed her career and confined her to bed. There she wrote Sunday school material and several hymns we love, including "Sunshine in My Soul," "When We All Get to Heaven," and "More About Jesus Would I Know." She was the Sunday School superintendent for the Northern Home for Friendless Children, and later at a Presbyterian Church.


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