Birthdays on June 11

Charles Hurlburt (1860 to )
Pioneer in East Africa.

Birth of Charles Hurlburt, who served as General Director of the Africa Inland Mission (AIM), Inc., for 28 years (1897-1925). It was Hurlburt who pioneered the work of AIM in East Africa and the Congo (Zaire).

David C. Cook (1850 to 1927)
Leading Publisher of Sunday School Material.

David C. Cook was born in East Worcester, New York. His family moved to Wheaton Illinois, where Cook attended college. When his father opened a small print shop in Chicago, David learned to set type. The skill stood him in good stead when he became disappointed by the lack of suitable printed material to help him teach his Sunday School classes of children gathered from the streets of Chicago. He started writing his own lesson leaflets and printing them in his father's shop. Other teachers asked for copies, and what began as a spare time occupation became a full time business. David C. Cook lived to see the company he founded become the largest publisher of nondenominational Sunday school literature in the world.


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